[Bell Historians] CCCBR and English Heritage

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Little has happened since your work took place John. That working document
and its five guidelines are ignored or little used now as a basis for


The T&B Committee didn't even know their fellow CCCBR people had agreed to
the latest EH document about recording and listing bells frames etc I
referred to in the RW. 


I know that George Dawson and others were quite shocked. EH have asked me
not to publish the document. However, I've made great progress in my own
dealings with them. 


I think EH give the CCCBR chaps a cup of tea, some cake and then tickle
their tummies and all's well with the world. The CCCBR ignored the
suggestions in my letter which was sort of based on your earlier work John's
(ie wide consultation). Oh well...




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>... I wouldn't rely on the CCCBR for anything to do to support the Church's
planning process, the CBC, EH or anyone else.

If I understand what Mark is aiming at, I find that a very sad reflection on
the HUGE amount of effort that I personally - and others - put in, back in
the time leading up to the 1993 CCCBR meeting (see RW1992/589f and
RW1993/18f just to remind yourself of the history) when the CCCBR formally
agreed the revised Code of Practice for the Conservation and Repair of Bells
and Bellframes. At the time we certainly felt that we had consulted the
Exercise widely (via the RW) and had the backing of the full Council, and
had actually had a major impact on the contents of that version of the Code.

It is a disappointment to me to note that no similar widespread consultation
with ringers appears to have taken place, nor a robust stand on behalf of
our constituency, in what one infers has happened the recent discussions.

John Baldwin

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