[Bell Historians] Bell and iron founding

Robert Lewis editor at qE9dwtqhcYSF8RN7MxTqJDUmsAIP3iCuCCoBOcicMjI3zDG2RmbQrullNSuVWK2Ifrx-2lP7RarnncnIwSOYd0Bp.yahoo.invalid
Thu Oct 22 10:12:27 BST 2009

At 09:33 22/10/2009, David Hope wrote:

>Not being a subscriber to "The Ringing World" (or "Sword Monthly"), 
>I should correct myself by adding that Victorian swords were made 
>from steel. The Indians, and possibly the Germans, possessed similar 
>technology at a much earlier date. Famous examples are the Iron 
>Pillar of Delhi and the Kottenforst Iron Man.

How reassuring to note that retired archbishops still pursue such 
esoteric interests.

No doubt you are a member of SPAB too?



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