[Bell Historians] Harrison's tuning

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Mon Sep 21 00:04:44 BST 2009

Frankly, I think we'd all much prefer it if, whoever buys out the Taylor business, and please God someone does, simply sticks to the Taylor tradition that has given us the glorious sounds of Worcester Cathedral, Chewton Mendip, St Chad's Shrewsbury, et al and only plays with the company's structure, not its tuning methods.


> Thank you for your email Bill;
> I appreciate what you are saying, nevertheless, from past experience  
> with John Harrison's ideas,
> I am convinced that his writings on bell manufacturing and design  
> merit closer examination.
> I have yet to be clear about your differences of "pitch and frequency".
> Agreed; chosen tuning systems are subjective and influenced by  
> fashion, although it seems to me that the beat frequencies may hold  
> the "key" to some of  the apparent paradoxes.
> I have been in contact with a number of people who are interested in  
> Taylor's and will be looking at the practicalities over the next few  
> days.
> I look forward to exchanging ideas with you in the near future.
> best wishes


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