[Bell Historians] Harrison's tuning

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Mon Sep 21 01:25:14 BST 2009

> Frankly, I think we'd all much prefer it if, whoever buys out the Taylor business, and please God someone does, simply sticks to the Taylor tradition that has given us the glorious sounds of Worcester Cathedral, Chewton Mendip, St Chad's Shrewsbury, et al and only plays with the company's structure, not its tuning methods.

Well said, Richard. For once we agree on something.

Mr Lucy, there's a reason no-one uses the tuning methods of John Harrison - they sound poor, especially when compared to the developments of Simpson.

As for your hope to "retune the major Western bells" to this system - all I can say is that you are spouting pretentious and arrogant rubbish. Do you really think that the cognoscenti of ringing have been duped into choosing Simpson tuning over Harrison?

Sunshine, you're either a nutjob with no ears, retarded or a troll. I'm not sure which yet.


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