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Sorry to disappoint you doublehandler.

I have read the Simpson papers on this admirable site::


I see no conflict whatsoever between what Simpson said and what  
Harrison claims.

Simpson is concerned with the octave intervals and "partials".

He only refers to the other intervals by vague notenames, without, as  
far as I can tell, specifying equal temperament, just, or meantone  

Hence a meantone tuning e.g. Harrison (Vth at 965.5 cents) would not  
in any, obvious to me, way contravene his suggestions.

The Harrison ideas were not really understood or tried out musically  
until the 1980's, so there can be no question of anyone being duped,

and we have all learned much in the past twenty odd years about  
musical tuning, acoustics, harmony, and bells.



I believe that we may be offering the lesser of at least two "evil"  

1) Taylors owned and run by enthusiastic musicians, investors, and  

2) The Taylor name bought by one of the local engineering companies,  
who are more interested in motor racing and profits than in anything  
musical or historical.

On 21 Sep 2009, at 01:25, grhaywarduk wrote:

> >
> > Frankly, I think we'd all much prefer it if, whoever buys out the  
> Taylor business, and please God someone does, simply sticks to the  
> Taylor tradition that has given us the glorious sounds of Worcester  
> Cathedral, Chewton Mendip, St Chad's Shrewsbury, et al and only  
> plays with the company's structure, not its tuning methods.
> >
> Well said, Richard. For once we agree on something.
> Mr Lucy, there's a reason no-one uses the tuning methods of John  
> Harrison - they sound poor, especially when compared to the  
> developments of Simpson.
> As for your hope to "retune the major Western bells" to this system  
> - all I can say is that you are spouting pretentious and arrogant  
> rubbish. Do you really think that the cognoscenti of ringing have  
> been duped into choosing Simpson tuning over Harrison?
> Sunshine, you're either a nutjob with no ears, retarded or a troll.  
> I'm not sure which yet.

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