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At 08:43 24/09/2009, John Camp wrote::

>No.  Maybe it hasn't completely propagated yet.
>Personally, I think it's a bit of a cheek calling a site 'taylorbells'
>when it isn't authorised by TE&S (which I assume it isn't).  There
>could be legal issues here.

Yes indeed.

I managed to get onto it - or one page of it, at least, that also 
incorporates the TE&S logo.  The text is as follows:


The Loughborough bell foundry known as Taylors, Eayre, Smith has 
fallen into administration. Bids to buy this organisation are to be 
made by the deadline of Friday 2nd October 2009.


The old company site is<http://www.taylorbells.co.uk>


This site is being prepared for communication between individuals who 
are interested in co-operating to acquire control of this business 
and to re-organise it as a going concern to serve the needs and 
interests of the bell and musical community.

The domain name taylorsbells.com has been chosen to reflect the 
necessary international nature of the future for this endeavour

We await confidential commercial details from the administrators, 
before we can fully explore the practical futures.  One of the assets 
is expected to be the logo and tradename, which I have used here to 
identify this endeavour. It is hoped that the archives will also be 
included as we would like to make this valuable information available online.

Please be patient, for as soon as we are able, we shall put together 
future plans for a bid in consultation with those who may be 
interested in working with us .

In the meantime, please send an email to Charles Lucy at 
<mailto:taylors at H-p5Jh7R5C0eCtc5tI63wviFVAT9GQUWCTYC5ZFF9_KQ3qXNP16hFcMGwNGfopOY_4Sg9PoqnZ670Q.yahoo.invalid>taylors at H-p5Jh7R5C0eCtc5tI63wviFVAT9GQUWCTYC5ZFF9_KQ3qXNP16hFcMGwNGfopOY_4Sg9PoqnZ670Q.yahoo.invalid to make us aware of 
your interest in this project. This may be as an employee, customer, 
potential investor, or bells enthusiast. This will enable us to keep 
you informed on progress and offer you access to the interactive 
functions which we plan for this site.


What are we to make of this?


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