Tubular bells

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Carl asks about the Harrington advertisement I posted last week, and whether anyone has seen a single-row arrangement in use.

The answer is yes. There was a set of eight at St Alphege, Whitstable (1920, replaced by a coventional ring in 1969); eight at St Clement Sandwich were similarly replaced in 1990. The 1925 set at Christ Church, Chatham, was destroyed when a new church was built around 1980, but they were a single-row octave. At Langley, Kent, there remains a single row octave (six 1911, two more 1925), in a tower which also has two conventional bells, and at All Saints Chatham the five tubes hang in a single row eight bell framework. See http://kent.lovesguide.com/lists/tubular_bells.htm  The original list was compiled by me and adapoted with links by Dickon.

I've seen other single row sets, and no doubt it partly depended on the available space, which is limited in the Whitstable and Chatham cases by existing bell installations, but not so in others. 

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