[Bell Historians] Early peal at Quedgeley, Glos

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>From Church Bells, 1877, p231

Change-ringing at Quedgeley, Gloucestershire.

On Monday, April 2nd, the ringers of Quedgeley rang at their parish church 42 six-scores, ten with plain leads and 32 with extremes, the whole comprising 5040 changes, in 2 hours 36 mins by the following band:- T. Brown, Treble; A, Harris, 2nd; W. Brown, 3rd;  C. Lyes, 4th; H. Wren, 5th; G. Davies,tenor. Conducted by T. Brown.


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> I wonder if anyone on the list can help me? I am compiling a peal book for Quedegely, Glos, which is my "second home tower". I thought I had got all the peals, but an early one has now been added in "Felstead". Can anyone on the list with access to "Church Bells" let me have the details? The peal in question is Grandsire Doubles, rung on 2 April 1877. The reference given in Felstead is "CB vii.231".
> Many thanks,
> Andrew Bull


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