[Bell Historians] Church Bells of Yorkshire, Diocese of York

Richard Smith richard at F9nf0fgLPbgazq5jfQxnVyqPYGxAosgFaesjNHVZ31yxCZmI2a_T_FCbc5opfdWYzKJzgKE4JEtr-NAiCQv4.yahoo.invalid
Thu Apr 15 15:06:55 BST 2010

Richard Offen wrote:

> Church Bells of Cheshire by J.W. Clarke was published in the 1940s,
> Church Bells of Cornwall by E. Hadlow W. Dunkin, published in 1878

Thanks.  I've added both of these.

Dickon Love wrote:

> There is DLC's recent book on the Channel Islands that you 
> can include (don't have full details to hand).

There are several others from outside England -- e.g. 
Shape's Flintshire and Eeles' Kincardineshire.  I'll try to 
expand the list to cover them when I have a little more time 
(probably next week).

> Plus (I am surprised Richard hasn't mentioned) "We Sing In A 
> Strange Land" editions 1 and 2 by Elizabeth Bleby.  Not 
> strictly a county book, but pretty closely related.

I spent an enjoyable few moments speculating which county 
would most deserve that title!



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