[Bell Historians] Church Bells of Yorkshire

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You need to speak to Chris Pickford Ron, he has done an extensive study into
the Barwell bells.   


James’s grandson Nick lives here in Perth and I know him very well.
Although now in his 90s, he has a mind as sharp as a razor and we have
fascinating and lengthy conversations on the phone at regular intervals.


Best wishes,





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Fellow bell historians,is there any printed information,either in a booklet
form ,book or advertising material on James Barwell bells? Ron Shepherd



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Now available:



Part 3

The City of York & the Ainsty 

By David Bryant & George A Dawson

With contributions from Dennis Greenwood

356 pages.

This work covers the bells in the old City of York, and the Ainsty, that
area to the south and west of York. 

It supersedes the work of J. Eyre Poppleton who published his 'Notes on the
Bells of the Ancient Churches of the West Riding of Yorkshire' in the
Yorkshire Archaeological Journals, volumes xvi to xviii (1900-4) which
covered the Ainsty area. Some work on the city area has been published
before, but this CD contains a major complete survey of the city area by
David Bryant together with data on bells in the Ainsty from George Dawson.
The booklet on the post Reformation founders in York  by Dennis Greenwood is
also reproduced, as is the Benson leaflet on York bells.


Available as a CD only from:

George A Dawson

112 Main Street

Willoughby on the Wolds


LE12 6SZ



Price £15.00 (including postage)



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