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The RW article in this week's edition may help. Otherwise have a look at


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Could somebody please confirm that Hanley are a war memorial peal please.

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> At 15:01 on Friday 23 April 2010, Roderic Bickerton wrote (on r-c):
>> See this weeks RW
>> Go to link, which must be a continous full line:
>> go to the end of the form
>> Do the "click here" on public presemtations
>> You wont have a reference number so again "ckick hear" and fill in name 
>> and
>> address.
>> click the "chose option"
>> Click support if you believe the bells should be transfered.
>> entering a comment is optional, but worth doing
> Please do this!  It is really worth it.  I am sure that local
> councillors will be influenced by strong support.  And make a comment,
> pointing out how ridiculous it is to retain bells in a tower where
> they can't be rung.  The more comments the better.
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