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David Bryant davidbryant at Y-ilMlNOUIjIf7LVnlmsnlO3qbimVL2toPvp6sLcWmvHWUZ_EYi3h5YLEsSDWrjlKLThOznJ1uX1xWG24EXFXtlsKQ.yahoo.invalid
Sat Apr 24 17:18:22 BST 2010

I agree that the best outcome would be the removal of all of the bells to Stone, but if the war memorial issue proves impossible to resolve would it be possible to move the other seven bells to Stone with two new ones to replace the 2nd and 5th, allowing the two war memorial bells to remain in Stoke? Perhaps on display in a civic building? As I recall there's a large town hall in the centre of Hanley.

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