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I raised the subject of War Memorial bells because it seems to me that whilst stone memorials are to be seen, memorials in the form of bells are to be heard and in the context of Hanley in a ring of bells and therefore to have the memorial bells silent at Hanley seems ridiculous. Therefore having the ring at Stone and a visual memorial at Hanley seems the sensible way forward to me.

I have emailed my support for the removal of the bells at Hanley.

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  >The two war memorial bells are not the issue here.

  Let me expand on that. 

  There is a small group of people from Stoke who will fight every inch of the way to prevent anymore of their heritage leaving the City. (Stone is a couple of miles from the City boundary) There would be exactly the same response, of vociferous lobbying, even if there were no "memorial bells" in the tower.  

  >I was told that the War Memorial Trust is still actively opposing the 
  removal of the bells. Is that information incorrect?

  The War Memorial Trust's view is that there are other options to be looked at for the bell's future. Therefore the application is premature. Either they are uninformed or they choose to ignore all the hard work that was done by the Bishop of Lichfield and the various Church bodies over a long period of time. They  looked at all the possible options for the bells before the Bishop's decision was made.

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