[Bell Historians] Bells of York

Dickon Love dickon at 5nm7_0Xyw4Z0lKDNvlCT0RXCsz1F_D-j9iWbSY6yI9O17j3jGHr_KTvs0guopAxxFe0RMTivDm4.yahoo.invalid
Wed Apr 28 15:47:04 BST 2010


> What was the reason for the deletion?

> No longer had the motivation to maintan them due to general
disillusionment with the Church of > England and everything associated
with it.

That is indeed sad, but the reason is a little odd.  Would you also quit
as moderator of a bell historians group because of your view of the C of
E?  Some may also be disillusioned with the CCCBR, but thank goodness it
hasn't led to the deletion of important and attractive web resources.


P.S. Even Chris Cooper didn't delete his website ... :)


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