[Bell Historians] Bells of York

David Bryant davidbryant at _nbvtKtZdeGt5qU3D1_iCIVgjq_WgxFvb8dUNRVXqcoNIj63ZYbtkCH8hyS-NVDpYdrOU0HWgeuGPjiPljWUkKtQS_Q.yahoo.invalid
Wed Apr 28 15:47:41 BST 2010

> That is very sad, but I don’t really
> see what disillusionment with the C of E has to do with maintaining web sites
> that are of more interest to historians that theologians and church politicians?

Having been treated with disdain and contempt by several senior clergymen for daring to ask them completely unacceptable questions such as why their "caring" organisation has no grivance, bullying or disability discrimination policies, and having been repeatedly stamped on by various ringers who I had formerly (and mistakenly) regarded as friends, I'm afraid that I generally avoid anything to do with bells, ringers or the CofE. Might occasionally go to a practice in other areas if I'm away, but that's it. There comes a point where enough is enough, and I'm afraid that with the CofE I have reached it. Whatever the rights and wrongs of any situation, ignoring it in the hope that it goes away, and having no policies so that you can make the rules up as you go along, is unlikely to provide any solution.

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