[Bell Historians] Bell Hangers

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Sun Feb 21 12:12:02 GMT 2010

There are still a few copies of the Sewcocnd Edition of Lincolnshire Bells and Bellfounders left Malcolm.  Its reveiwed in the current Ringing World ! =)

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> Thank you, John, for your detailed & informed reply to my  question.  
> Disappointing , but par for the course for this individual  who later became an 
> artist and finally made a good living as a photographer in  Southport.  I 
> would guess that his skills as a carpenter would have stood  him in good stead 
> as the ones I have seen are mounted on a board and attached to  metal coils 
> which caused then to jangle for quite a while, presumably to give  servants 
> time to run to the board to see which bell was being rung.  As he  clearly 
> had some talent as an artist, he might have also had the job of painting  the 
> numbers, or room names, on the board above each bell.  I have never  seen a 
> board with different sized bells to help servants recognise the bell by  
> its tone, but I suppose that would be a natural development.
> I think that  stately homes are the best chance of finding these  systems 
> still in operation.  I have certainly seen them, but I cannot  remember 
> where.  We had them in our vicarage in Wellington, Herefordshire,  in the 1940s 
> when I was small, but no servants!
> Regards
> Malcolm


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