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Much to my irritation I've just tipped a cup of coffee all 
over my desk and rendered illegible the first page of some 
notes I'd made on the history of the bells of Exeter 
cathedral.  I can't now read where I got the information 
from, and I'm hoping someone can help me work this out.

It was definitely a book or pamphlet that had been scanned 
and made available on-line (probably through archive.org or 
Google Books); I think it was from the 19th century.  I had 
used the book to draw up a table showing each recast and 
augmentation of the bells since the 16th or 17th century, 
and it was particularly informative about the fact that they 
had a flat sixth long before the natural sixth suggesting a 
ring in the Mixolydian mode.

I've tried searching the obvious on-line archives for 
likely-looking titles, but have drawn a blank.  Can anyone 
suggest what this book might have been?



I am sure that I have seen these details somewhere but can't recall where .
It may have been up the tower. It was the business about the flat 6 which 
particularly caught my eye.


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