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Tue Mar 16 18:54:59 GMT 2010

Please see below. Please consider signing the petition as anything which

will avoid having to pay VAT on bell restoration projects and repairs 
will be a great help. Goodness knows what the VAT rate will end up being 
after the election no matter who wins!


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Subject: 	[mcaldgringers] Petition to continue the Listed Places of 
Worship Grant Scheme
Date: 	Tue, 16 Mar 2010 16:36:06 -0000
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MCA members: Please consider signing this petition: it takes only a 
couple of minutes, via the link below. Relief from VAT on repairs 
(including bell restoration) is a significant help to the finances of 
churches - and in line with what I believe to be the government's 
sensible policy of fostering the '3rd' (ie charity / voluntary) sector.
John Thorp.

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From: Theresa Moses (London Diocese) Sent: Tuesday, March 16, 2010 3:49 PM
Subject: Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme
Dear PCC treasurers, Church wardens, clergy
You may be aware that the Listed Places of Worship scheme, whereby 
churches can claim a refund of VAT paid on certain repairs, is due to 
end in 2011. Obviously this would affect many churches.

You can help to preserve this scheme by lobbying; please use the link in 
the email below to sign up to the petition.

Thank you.

With best wishes

Mary Spredbury

Kevin Ogilvie

Theresa Moses

Subject: please follow link and sign up and pass on

Subject: Downing Street Petition on the Listed Places of Worship Grant 

As many of you will know, Places of Worship at The Heritage Alliance 
(POWAlliance) has joined with forces with the Church of England and 
English Heritage in the campaign to preserve the Listed Places of 
Worship Grant Scheme beyond its planned expiry date of March 2011.

There is now a petition available for signing on the 10 Downing Street 
website. It can be found at 
<http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/VAT-refundscheme/> .

Please sign it as soon as you can, and pass the link around to as many 
of your members, friends and acquaintances as you can!


Deborah Jarman

Places of Worship Development Officer

The Heritage Alliance

07506 675679

The Heritage Alliance is an operating name of Heritage Link, Clutha 
House, 10 Storey's Gate, London SW1P 3AY. Tel: 020 7233 0500. Fax: 020 
7233 0600. Heritage Link is a company limited by guarantee in England 
and Wales no 4577804 and registered charity no 1094793.

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