Whitechapel charges

Richard Grimmett richard at Q-FEbnPA5IBIozj07AH0qSbNRVO27PkYBgosounNBql5OJmi2Sx3o3baExz3w6J6eslO72gkeIOUKyrEbw.yahoo.invalid
Fri Mar 19 18:18:51 GMT 2010

Is it usual policy for Whitechapel to charge a fee (of £80 for us) to 
visit a tower when asked to quote for a new ring of bells?

I have not come across this before (not that I have done or been 
involved with many projects).  Other companies are not making any charge.

The £80 would be offset should they be awarded the job.

What is the experience of others on the list please?

Richard Grimmett


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