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I am not suggesting that it is a substitute for a S E's report just that of all the necessary requirements of a DAC £80 is not a huge amount to pay and even if all your tenderers charged similarly they jointly wouldn't be as expensive as many of the other individual professional fees involved. As you say, other firms don't charge or the trustees would have to pay out even more and if Whitechapel get the contract you get your £80 back anyway
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  Peter Trent wrote:
  > Perhaps you should offer all the firms you want to tender an £80 fee for 
  > their estimates or ask Whitechapel to waive theirs in the 
  > circumstances? For the combined expertise involved it is still cheaper 
  > than a Structural Engineers report or an initial Bat survey report come 
  > to that! 

  It does not invalidate the DAC's requirement (and for that matter the 
  PCC's too, amd also due diligence) of having a structural engineers 
  report. The bellahndgers and founders are not structural engineers by 
  and large.

  When money has been given by donors to a charity it is a tough decision 
  for the trustees to pay out £80 of their donations when all other firms 
  invited do it for free.


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