[Bell Historians] Whitechapel charges

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Sun Mar 21 10:34:13 GMT 2010

> Taylor's are perfectly capable of casting G&J profile bells, too.

> Back in 1980 when we were considering the augmentation of Nottingham St
> Marys from 10 to 12, I was summoned to Loughborough & shown 2 wooden
> strickles & told that Taylors would cast 2 'G&J' bells using those
> strickles if required. (In the event the PCC went to a different
> contractor).

That's not the rumour that went round at the time, which was that UK
bellfoundries (neither of them) would cast to the desired profile, wheras
the obliging Dutch would.  It just shows how reliable rumours are.


John Harrison
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