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I suppose, given the nature of the installation and the perceived lack of appropriate space for a chiming apparatus at ground level,  electro-magnetic hammers operated from a remote keyboard would be an obvious solution. The clavier in the actual bell chamber could be retained.

Bryan McCahey

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Not that
they needed checking, but Chris’ details are correct. I can confirm that the
smaller bells are dated 1939.
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To save the bother of looking it up (though
extra info / corrections welcome)
Fort William , Scotland :
1934/1938 3-3-8, 4-1-19, 5-3-21, 7-2-26, 10-3-17, 13-0-7, 17-1-24, 23-3-6.
Diameters 27, 28.5”, 31.5”, 35, 39.125”, 41.625”, 46, 51.125”. In D. Tenor
1934, the rest 1938 (or possibly 1939)

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