Re: [Bell Historians] bell installations costs

Dickon Love dickon at
Fri Oct 8 11:47:45 BST 2010

>  I am a member of St Peter's Church Belmont, Lancashire where we currently
>  ring a peal of Vickers steel bells, originally installed in the 1850s by
>  industrialist John Hick.  A number of members responded earlier in the
>  year to my request for information about their origins.
>  We have been offered (free of charge!) some bronze bells which have become
>  available from a closed church in the diocese.  Unfortunately the cost of
>  hanging the bells (which we have been told would be from £20k-£60k) may
>  beyond  our small community and I wondered if anyone might suggest likely
>  sources of  funding so that we can replace our rather rusty bells with some
>  more  tuneful ones.

Dear George,

I am always sorry to see rings of steel bells go as there are so few left, but I can understand you preference for something more tuneful!

The Central Council website has quite a lot of good information, so that wouldn't be a bad place to start, in particular:

Best wishes,
Dickon Love


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