[Bell Historians] How well do bell recordings sell?

Richard Grimmett richard at s2hDu_TXBcCYlSvuKuxRK5m0y3o2v_fPtI9W6t_DNMEEzqIDIljuhVxUR-bJu85rOyVM4obL9lUosf9V.yahoo.invalid
Mon Apr 4 15:12:19 BST 2011

> Thanks Hayden and Sam, for suggestions-but there is little point me
> paying out £200-£300 for a new digital recorder, as it would only be
> used to produce a couple of dozen recordings.
> A decent minidisc set up (with decent microphone (s) and manual
> recording level works perfectly well when set up properly, for this type
> of recording.
> The DAD conversion isn't too much of a problem, but that seems to depend
> on a lot of factors.
> Alan

Some minidisc recorders do allow you to transfer digitally.  I have two 
Sony models - the first I bought for a lot of money (£200?) and it 
doesn't.  The second I bought for £30ish when minidiscs were going out 
of fashion and it does allow you to transfer directly via USB. So you 
might get a great bargain if you look around.

Currently I use an m-audio microtrack II which allows for balanced mics. 
  Its less than £200.

The Zoom kit looks great value too, and has a decent reputation.

Of course there might not be much wrong with using a cheap dynamic mic 
and the sound card on a laptop, in conjunction with Audacity (which is 
great and free).



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