[Bell Historians] How well do bell recordings sell?

Anne Willis zen16073 at YhhIeFRhb9OGirv7REyy9rAthnELi8UkcpT1zTz20SYdzNPY_pM8-CTycEKPs-fLxLDZ3Iqai2o.yahoo.invalid
Mon Apr 4 17:19:06 BST 2011

Thanks Hayden and Sam, for suggestions-but there is little point me paying
out £200-£300 for a new digital recorder, as it would only be used to
produce a couple of dozen recordings.

A decent minidisc set up (with decent microphone (s) and manual recording
level works perfectly well when set up properly, for this type of recording.

The DAD conversion isn't too much of a problem, but that seems to depend on
a lot of factors.


Do you have an Oral History Group in your area?  If they are up to date on
their technology they should have some excellent equipment which you may be
able to borrow.



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