[Bell Historians] How well do bell recordings sell?

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> Do you have an Oral History Group in your area?  If they are up to date on
> their technology they should have some excellent equipment which you may be
> able to borrow.
> Anne

I already have the equipment and I know somebody who has professional mobile recording eqiupment-but it might be asking a bit much to borrow that or borrow it and drag the owner along to two dozen towers.

I've made lots of "home use" recordings over the years, on a variety of equipment and with varying degrees of success.

But in my original posting, I didn't ask for reccomendations on what to use, it was how well do bell recordings sell-it is pretty pointless me putting a CD together, after trawling myself and others hundreds of miles, if a CD is only going to make £200 (for example) to be split between a few bell projects.

But having said that, I do appreciate everyones input this far.



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