[Bell Historians] How well do bell recordings sell?

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Tue Apr 5 11:35:59 BST 2011

“But in my original posting, I didn't ask for reccomendations on what to
use, it was how well do bell recordings sell-it is pretty pointless me
putting a CD together, after trawling myself and others hundreds of miles,
if a CD is only going to make £200 (for example) to be split between a few
bell projects.”

I’ve been following this correspondence with some interest, not least
because I have embarked on a couple of projects myself. I am reassured, from
contacts I have made and the comments here, that I have bought some good kit
(Zoom H4N – probably a bit O.T.T.) and I have managed to make some decent
‘pilot’ recordings (from a technical perspective anyway).

Likewise, I am hoping that any sales I make will generate some income for
BRFs. However, if that is the sole aim of the exercise, then I would suggest
that there are better alternatives. As you say, travel costs alone (for
yourself and the band) are likely to exceed revenue unless sales are
substantial - the specific query in the opening correspondence. (I hesitate
to suggest that it would be more cost effective to make direct donations to
a BRF instead of putting more petrol in the tank – and money over the bar
for liquid refreshment?)

But that’s not what it’s all about, is it? We do it because we want to
produce something which we think is beneficial to the Exercise (something
for the archives?) and enjoyable in the process too.  And if there is some
spin-off in the way of extra revenue towards a BRF, then that is an added

I will continue to follow this thread closely, with particular interest in
any enlightenment regarding the original query.


Peter Humphreys









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