How well do bell recordings sell?

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Tue Apr 5 15:19:47 BST 2011

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> I am considering making some new bell recordings and putting them onto compact discs, to be sold in aid of some Northern bell projects.

There is an alternative - get someone to do them for you!  We did just that for the Coventry DG Centenary and made a few hundred pounds in income.  A bit of a captive market did help here!

There were different possibilities, depending on the risk that we were prepared to take.  The recordings could be sold to us at £x to sell at £y and we took the risk of them not selling. By allowing the recording person to take more of the risk on himself we got less per CD, but had considerably less risk if they did not sell. I could find his name out should you wish to make contact.

You do say "several" and even if you do make £1,000 dividing this by "several" is not that much per project and might make the risk involved in doing it all yourself not worth taking.



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