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   Chris Pickford <c.j.pickford.t21 at z6E57lQPodVdv1ZifHoyf8GFWLqzLT1FGxc_r05GWAeOc8BeJGO4MZa5cn6gmbnQ93Uj7H0ANBheFhewrk9h8h-XftJCakY.yahoo.invalid> wrote:  
> From my list of hemispehrical bells - as complete as I can make it - I
> only know of three sets by M&S dated 1873. These are Galashiels (3),
> High Beech (13) and Keble College Oxford (3). The former chime of 11
> at St.Mark's, Victoria Park, London E, may have been dated 1873 too -
> but were installed in 1874
> Some were supplied direct by the founders, but quite a lot of sets of
> hemisphericals were supplied through clockmakers - Thwaites & Reed,
> bensons and Blockleys in particular.
> So, I can't offer any enlightenment on this set, but I'd certainly be
> keen to know if their provenance can be established. Also, are they a
> clock chime or a running five? In the meantime they've been added to the
> list as "unknown"

I looked at other items from the same seller 's other items.  Of the other
6 items currently on offer, 5 are clock related.  Is that significant?  

The other item is reclaimed slates.   Last month he sold spare parts for an
Audi and a Volvo.  No details of the 5 previous sales (back to 2005).


John Harrison
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