Marchwood, Hants

George Dawson george at
Wed Jul 6 09:25:56 BST 2011

A website states:

The bell, a single 7 cwt specimen was cast by Thomas Mears at the
Whitechapel Bell Foundry in 1843. Every
indication is that it came from "stock" and was not specially cast for
Marchwood. The bell is jointly used as the Church Clock chime, which can be
heard ringing out the hour throughout the village.

The Bell frame stood the test of time up until 1992, when local parishioners
were called upon to replace the 149 year old rotting timber on the top of
the bell frame. At the same time they assisted the professional Bell Hanger
to fit a new clapper and to replace the rotted headstock.

Anyone know who did the job??

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