Worst going "ringable" bell

roderic rodbic at 5L7JHeKYLl_8oZbv2_mvGOqBGcotVwfytKv9rz2UDmSu_YmaHPDgCbG70ekRtlTH-KgNmWQpQCNdAtvybA.yahoo.invalid
Wed Jul 27 14:03:58 BST 2011

I nominate the tenor at Gt Ponton.
Despite running it on the best possible lubricant it drops unpredictably, influenced by other bells.
I never had any idea if it would fail to respond to a massive pull, or over respond. By far the hardest 1/4 I will ever ring!!! 
I almost had to pack it in, and at the end the treble said down. I simply stopped pulling and passed the treble in 4 blows, despite the treble ringing down.


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