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Several things in Sue's posting:

Bells filled with ale: This is said to have happened at Hatton, Warwicks, when the six new bells arrived in 1809

Harts of Brinkley: The VCH repeats the claim that they were bellfounders, but they were bellhangers. There is a printed list of their work, produced in about 1850, listing various jobs in Cambs, Essex, Suffolk and Herts in the period 1820-1850. I've mentioned them in a forthcoming article for the "What's up that Tower?" series

Early peals of Doubles: So far as I can recall, the earliest known peal of Doubles was rung at East Haddon on 31 December 1756, and the Northampton Mercury certainly records several others in that area in the later C18th (all in Order and Disorder - the Wratten newspaper collection - of course). There may be earlier ones - can't say I've made a thorough search

In haste (E&OE)

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