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> Several things in Sue's posting:
> Early peals of Doubles: So far as I can recall, the earliest known peal of Doubles was rung at East Haddon on 31 December 1756, and the Northampton Mercury certainly records several others in that area in the later C18th (all in Order and Disorder - the Wratten newspaper collection - of course). There may be earlier ones - can't say I've made a thorough search

Similarly I haven't made an exhaustive search, but I seem to recollect that Cyril wrote a letter/article to the R.W. about early peals of Doubles (covered versus uncovered) which may have mentioned earlier 5040s
I don't think that the ref. given by Chris refers to the EARLIEST known peal of doubles. What it refers to is a peal by "a Society of old Ringers,  each man being upwards of 50 Years  of Age, 5040 Changes which takes up 42 several Peals of five Bells; and compleated in three Hours and ten Minutes..." ie the point behind Cyril recording it was that it was an early 5040 of doubles rung by men over 50.

Eddie Martin


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