A Short handstroke

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Sat May 7 21:14:32 BST 2011

Alan Said

Slaidburn is an example of such a case-none of the garter/pulley positions are correct.

Tenor is the worst, sally drops 15" when the bell is up, making the bell seem lighter set than it is and also making it seem far more oddstruck than it really is. With virtually no handstroke pull, it is a pig to turn in and dodge with. Nearly all the ropes are drawn in the clcok room without drawing pulleys as well.

But they have been like that since 1927 when rehung by M+S. But no company would get away with such a shoddy job like this,these days.

No point doing anything in a big way untill the bells are rehung in a new frame-no point spending good money after bad, as the bells have a limited shelf life as they are. A full rehang is the most sensible and best value for money option in the long term.


I have highlighted the bit that amused me - as obviously you havent rung on some of the "new" jobs I've rung on !!!!!


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