[Bell Historians] Heavy old bells

Chris Pickford c.j.pickford.t21 at FtBwLe3PxBumrHRzeOLfeJkMJMaqAs9cRLpNBVqsAZx1pMdj62lpPq8nXCWBEdj6-yJGSXJ_lon_7Y-pGCIHx7mulc2cbJGT.yahoo.invalid
Mon Oct 10 16:56:02 BST 2011

Most of the heavy bells over a ton - i.e. those with known founders and 
dates - are listed in my Great bells spreadsheet. See the link from:

The list can be sorted by date, weight, founder, extant (or not) etc to 
answer a whole range of questions. With a bit of manipulation (i.e using 
the "lost" column as a date filter first), you can (e.g.) create a list 
of the heaviest bells extant in a particular year. There are doubtless 
cleverer ways of doing it, but the data (the online list isn't quite the 
latest  version) represents the results of several years work and is 
moderately comprehensive now (certainly 25 cwt upwards)

It shouldn't be difficult to create a list of extant bells cast before 
1650 weighing over 25 cwt and then sort them in descending weight order

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