[Bell Historians] re: what are these bells called

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Tue Oct 11 13:55:34 BST 2011

> The single bell on the wall by the sacristy/vestry is called the Sacristy
Bell,  and is rung as the priest enters to celebrate the Mass or to
officiate at Evensong.

I asked our Cardinal Rector and Chief Sacristan at St Magnus, who are both
well read in the old ways, and they came up with the following:

"If you mean the Sacristan's bell that hangs at the door of the Sacristy, I
don't think it has or has ever had a name. I think it's a very late
development and belongs to the Roman tradition of having Sacristies behind
the High Altar and lots of Low Masses going on.

"It might be related to the tintinnabulum, which was used instead of the
belfry bell in England to alert the peasants in the fields that the Host was
being elevated, that they might kneel and adore a moment. The tintinnabulum
was normally shoved through a window or hatch and rung, but I believe there
are examples of hanging bells attached to wall. I'm not sure though."



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