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Chris Pickford c.j.pickford.t21 at iHB9l9LE1mHuk7JMIvsO017PEeEN7RzPksw92Aj_N5uFZ9vyXIoG0GpxFfszPAThswOXmjg6ffPFh5Uzvjoqx_GKId9xsIQ.yahoo.invalid
Tue Oct 11 14:35:56 BST 2011

The original returns for the "Edwardian Inventories" of church goods 
(not just bells) are among the Exchequer archives at The National 
Archives (in class E315)

The published editions vary in quality, and some omit significant 
details. We've rather taken transcripts and extracts for granted in the 
past, and rference to the originals is advisable for anyone wanting to 
make reliable use of this material. There may yet be some discovceries 
to be made here too

Crossing threads, the 1552 inventories mention sanctus bells, sacring 
bells, saints bells, hanbells, litle brass bells, lych bells etc (a few 
hasty examples from the published Worcestershire extracts). These terms 
may have been revived by the Catholic wing of the CofE, but certainly 
aren't entirely made up as JC teasingly suggests!

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