[Bell Historians] Conservation Bellhangers Ltd

Chris Frye Chris at poY4INUXgnCtrnIHS3Z1Uol2OZ2Cp1uMK6EUVC5mUgaFA2kzYgZ-qv5iB_W_odmmp7zQX_oryIU.yahoo.invalid
Sat Sep 17 22:09:03 BST 2011

> Peter Rivet wrote: "I would like to know more...I sometimes provide a list
of contractors"

Yes, my motivation was the same as Peter's.

We now have a message from Hugh Routh, but I drafted the following before
seeing his message:

A bit more searching has thrown up the name of Hugh Routh as an officer of
Conservation Bellhangers Ltd. 

The following link refers to a project at West Tytherley:

This is the Tankerdale web-site:

And the following Portsmouth diocese DAC webpage shows Mr Hugh Routh as
Bells Advisor:

Chris Frye.


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