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Hi David

I can give you all the paperwork for this tonight if you are coming to Canewdon practice but for the interest of others here this is what I have been able to find out so far:

The 1841 Census for Brixton Deveraill Wiltshire lists Justice Rawlings as a 25 year old living at `Perwood' In Brixton Deverill. His father Stephen Rawlins a farmer was 60 years of age and along with his mother Harriott Rawlings was listed as `Not in county' on the Census.
'Hope' aged 15 is listed as one of his sisters.

The children family had the following names:

In 1848  a two-horse-power threshing machine and a seed drill worked by two horses that had been invented, improved and manufactured by Justice Rawlings of Brixton Deverill Wiltshire was exhibited at  the York show.

>From the 1851 Tisbury (Wiltshire) Census:

Justice Rawlings was 36 years of age. He was unmarried and lived with his sister `Hope Rawlings' (29) who was his housekeeper. They were both born in Brixton Deverill Wiltshire. They also had a servant one Caroline Mullens who was 23. The address given is Tuckingmill Tisbury.
It also states that Justice Rawlings was a `Machinist' and employed 8 men and 2 boys.

By the above description it looks like it is a fair bet that this is the man you are looking for. It also ties in the Justice Rawlings from Brixton Deverill.

On 16th May 1871 one Justice Rawlings who is named as a previously being a road surveyor from Tisbury was granted a Debtor's Summons against C.F.Barclay of `Girdlestone and Barclay' of Euston Square Middlesex. (This may be the same man or possibly his son?)

There is a possible link to a Baptist minister Stephen Rawlings and this may well have been Justice's father and may account for the unusual names of his children.

I hope this is of some use.

Brian Meldon


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