Frating, Essex

Mike Chester mike at
Mon Apr 16 22:53:16 BST 2012

I have received the following email - can anyone add to what it says?  If confirmed, can they be added to the Lost Rings of 3 spreadsheet?



I have just been reading the interesting spreadsheets on the Keltek Trust website. I note that Frating in Essex is not included in the "lost rings of 3".

There were 3 bells there when I was growing up at Thorrington in the 1950s/1960s and in fact I went up the tower and had a look at them. My grandfather had rung on them in the early 1900s, but my father (who learned to ring in the late 1920s) had not.

They were derelict when I saw them. The tower has since been demolished and the church turned into a private residence. I do not know what happened to them as the then Rector of both Thorrington and Frating dealt with their disposal.

I hope this information is of use.

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Jenny Warren


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