[Bell Historians] Re: Historical differences between long-standing bell foundries?

Hayden Charles hcharles at 1b-mBZCwlBoqgRp4j-QjWQzy9nZWdr8ecowdtpqbQqNWI93R5wTtXrr2_aSHhDGE6fhTfQUWwi2joaLhh-6O.yahoo.invalid
Fri Apr 27 18:28:25 BST 2012

richard at zjW7YxlJTSHA87yvduTavj2tOQYlPA-ilOVuCCIwQTRbMH9i4Dy2qYmZEBrvYgM4nJcN-vpa3wCIRnkt.yahoo.invalid wrote on 27/04/2012 16:33:
> The Southwark bell was not cast using traditional methods or at a
> bellfoundry.
> Richard

I am not aware that anyone was claiming otherwise.

Hayden Charles


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