[Bell Historians] Re: 1962

Mike Chester mike at qg4BhfyNiRyxM2ATSdDDURvxbxnMjPScUtfzoZcVFXf4Qms_J_Sceo00u8MacnSIkTE6diwC0A2Lo3k7KSUPSKBmoK3q.yahoo.invalid
Thu Jan 12 18:37:29 GMT 2012

>I know not of the whereabouts of the tenor ringer Geoffrey
> E White. He was in the R A F doing his National Service at the time,
> stationed at R A F Yatesbury; his home was in East Anglia. I wonder if he
> still rings? Anyone know?
> Dennis Powney.

I don't know, but Pealbase tells me this is his one and only peal.



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