Annoncement of BellBoard

John Camp camp at
Mon Jan 16 09:50:43 GMT 2012

I have been asked by Nigel Herriott to forward this message:


The Ringing World is pleased to announce the availability of BellBoard,
the first step in the development of the Ringing World’s new online

BellBoard has been created by Richard Smith from Cambridge, on behalf
of the Ringing World.  Richard is a highly skilled and experienced
programmer running his own IT company. Although such a facility has
been under discussion for some time at The Ringing World, work started
on the initial version of BellBoard three days ago, triggered by the
ongoing loss of the Campanophile website.  In this three day period,
the complete records of and all Campanophile data from
August 2011 and prior have been made available for any user to search
for free on BellBoard.  Further, the site has been set up for
individuals to register as a user, post peals and quarters for public
viewing and submit these details to the Ringing World.

The Ringing World currently receives the majority of peal and quarter
peal submissions from Campanophile.  In the short term, the loss of
this facility impacts our business and escalates the risk that our
peal and quarter publications will be incomplete or out of date. We
hope that the Campanophile service will be restored and have made
every effort to connect with and support the Campanophile team to
assist at this time, but now believe that the Ringing World must take
action. We know that the ability to share, store and view information
instantly is essential for many ringers today and we consider that it
is now time for the Ringing World to use its skills and resources to
ensure that this will remain possible.

Although this initial offering acts primarily to mitigate the risks
arising from the difficulties faced by Campanophile, our vision for
the website extends far beyond its current form.  The Ringing World
has the engaged the very best skills and has the resources and
ambition to develop and maintain a facility which will serve the
ringing community for many years to come.

You can access BellBoard on As you can
imagine, this has been developed very quickly and we hope that you
will understand that this is very much the first release which we will
continue to develop in the coming weeks and months.

Nigel Herriott
Chairman, The Ringing World


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