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In my G&J records, I have a single bell destined for Kimberley, the exact location is unknown. Might this be the one at Holy Trinity, Southwell Diocese although the dates to not tally? 

Bell No 937:  24" dia;   2-3-18;  October 1886.


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I think they may make a good addition to the museum at Taylor's. Do we know the price?


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>How much are we talking?  I can see the 
advantage of a 'spare set' when our tower is out of action for big repairs next 
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>>The  chime might be of use to a church - RC as well as Anglican - which doesn't  have a tower suitable for full size bells.  I have over the  years come across several towers where there is active interest in  chiming sets of tubular and/or hemispherical bells, but there doesn't seem to  be any co-ordinating body for them.  
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>>>The following  email was sent to the CCCBR (Robin Shipp) who thought that it would be of  interest to members of this list.  It is from Geoff  Rhodes.
>>>I have just visited the above church where we have just  been commissioned to carry out a reordering project.  This is a very  small, neglected late 1880s church in the Nottinghamshire  coalfield.
>>>They have a small single tolling bell which was installed  in 1994 to replace a set of tubular bells that were fitted on the roof in  1902 to commemorate the coronation of Edward VII and paid for by public  subscription.  These bells have been brought inside and are currently  stored on the church balcony – which is not easily accessible due to poor  structural condition of the balcony. 
>>>I am particularly interested in whether there are any  specific groups who are interested in church tubular bells – the church  council would be looking for disposal but if there is a way that they can be  displayed we would be interested in talking to someone about how this could  be incorporated into the project. 
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