[Bell Historians] Lichfield bells and Elias Ashmole

John Camp camp at jctctbaXmlNXmkk_x_va0bc_BTDOcqOrN-swom81jviKyzIpG5wAI5-lXehhZNvl_WAQuRBbeRW_NvbT5A.yahoo.invalid
Tue Jul 10 20:33:53 BST 2012

At 20:08 on 10 July 2012, c.j.pickford.t21 at UBY0F08g-RAZoiHNEyA0sLZLxrtNmBHkMq5R38zEo20CvuWMDor6bfqWzE9iEWmyWJf8FJHBEGgfm2gSYjGfMW1lRv71Bu_W.yahoo.invalid wrote:
> I wrote - in detail - about Lichfield and the Loyal Youths in the RW
> back in about 1983 (two articles).  Am away from home at present so
> can't check the dates.  I was certainly aware of the Ashmole
> connection at the time.  I'll read Dr Poole's article when I'm fully
> back on line, but feel he ought to be made aware of my earlier work on
> this.

By all means.  Can you (or someone) possibly let me have a copy of the
articles in due course, as I don't keep RWs indefinitely.

John Camp


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