[Bell Historians] Lichfield bells and Elias Ashmole

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I wrote - in detail - about Lichfield and the Loyal Youths in the RW back in about 1983 (two articles). Am away from home at present so can't check the dates. I was certainly aware of the Ashmole connection at the time.
I'll read Dr Poole's article when I'm fully back on line, but feel he ought to be made aware of my earlier work on this. The Staffordshire VCH includes a good account of the cathedral bells too, incidentally
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Subject: [Bell Historians] Lichfield bells and Elias Ashmole

Dr William Poole, Fellow of New College, Oxford, has come upon some
material about Elias Ashmole, the founder of the Ashmolean Museum in
Oxford, and Lichfield bells.  He has written a short article on the
subject (which includes a reference to the band of "Loyal Youths" which
rang there, in a uniform of a flannel waistcoat edged with black
buttons, and a black silk cap, though whether they wore the cap when
ringing is not revealed).

The article can be found at <http://www.bellringers.org/lichfield.pdf>.
Any comments would, I know, be gratefully received and could be sent to
me for transmission to Will.

John Camp

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