[Bell Historians] Olympic bell

John Harrison john at aJ35Hvx6j4kDVJAMtHm-VyKL3bkywnC52_JDZ_JFyr2cYmgEUBKG1LVNEGAcFpwZnM5I0IK85b0jlY0gww.yahoo.invalid
Tue Jul 24 08:58:42 BST 2012

> A photo of the Olympic Bell has found its way on to the internet.

Unlike the picture accompanying the article in Sunday's Express, which is
clearly a montage of an old bell (probably continental) with a picture of
the Olympic stadium.

I just looked on the web, and the picture there is the non-montaged version
with caption 'The Olympic bell like this one, ...'

Can anyone explain the odd looking clapper.  


John Harrison
Website http://jaharrison.me.uk


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