[Bell Historians] Re: Olympic bell

Dickon Love dickon at Mg2arKYG_mcibfjXgqW93nJYmzV74KZs20nhV8kuFzu0AjTmwrfbH1_COdu1g2hDtabnMkfeRYVgbf7t.yahoo.invalid
Wed Jul 25 10:51:36 BST 2012

> I also find it rather interesting that a member of Taylor's staff has gone to the trouble of acquiring a photograph of the bell, clearly taken at the Dutch foundry where it was cast, and seen fit to publish it to this group.  Not a very professional thing to do in my opinion. 
> R

I don't see a problem with that. Pictures of the bell are now in the public domain. Anyone got any more? :)


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