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Wed Jul 25 11:30:21 BST 2012

> As I have asked before, I wonder if the steel for the stadium was made 
> in the UK, or all the electronic gadgetry that will make the place 
> run?   I have my doubts!
> I also find it rather interesting that a member of Taylor's staff has 
> gone to the trouble of acquiring a photograph of the bell, clearly 
> taken at the Dutch foundry where it was cast, and seen fit to publish 
> it to this group.  Not a very professional thing to do in my opinion.
> R
Richard, I find your patter monotonous and transparent.

Had I published the photo when it came into my possession (i didn't go 
to any trouble) and it was newsworthy then the accusation of being 
unprofessional may have some ground.  At that time several newspapers 
were hunting for one.  But once one photo is out then the one I happen 
to have has no need to remain hidden.  I deliberately waited for this to 
do no harm.

Judgement (especially from outside Whitechapel) on how much has been 
'made' in the UK is not completely possible, but the casting of bells 
does require more than a supply of bell metal - for instance the making 
of the molds is one of several critical aspects to the process.   Bell 
founding is an art, not a process undertaken on production lines.

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