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> GAD:
>> What saddens me is the lack of potential collaboration between the two English foundries to produce an English cast bell.
> That's interesting. Are you suggesting Whitechapel could have subcontracted the pouring of the bell to Taylors? And that this could have been the cheapest option?
> DrL

There is also the question of risk.  

Whilst JT&Co clearly have the furnace capacity, and I have no wish to question their skills as bell founders, but the heaviest bell they ever cast was over 100 years ago and the largest they have cast in the last 20 years wasn't even half the weight required.   Hardly a reassuring set of circumstances. 

Given the tight time schedule involved, any project manager worth their salt would opt for a foundry that has up to the minute experience of dealing with such large castings and, sadly, that was in Holland. 

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